The “Inalienable Heritage” Museum

Krichmer’s collection. The collection presents casted and stamped medallions and coins through which one can experience the history of Zionism and the state of Israel throughout the twentieth century. The source of the collection is a longtime workshop in Jerusalem, which since the beginning of the past century until a few years ago, there was an artist who was the main producer of medals and coins and symbols of the state of Israel. The visitation in the museum is accompanied by explanations and personal descriptions of the Jerusalemites artist’s grandson and son, that is a visual experience along with the history’s aura. This is one of the only places that combine artistic creation, metal factory and the essence of the historical events of the country and the people. The collection also describes and presents the main stages in the production of a medal or a symbol, from the stage of “an idea” and the primary models to the final stage of stamping.