A swimming pool

A beautiful seasonal active swimming pool. The pool is surrounded by trees And flowers and green lawns. In the complex there are new sports fields, lawns and seating areas and many shaded areas. The pool is characterized by peace and quiet surrounding it. A rest for your body and soul.

A dry sauna- there is a Finnish Dry Sauna at the pool’s complex.


Spa treatments

Rooms are available for alternative treatments, for spa treatments for the guests for the completion of relaxation and pampering.
Classic Swedish massage,
deep tissue massage,
warm stones.

Each one is in an affordable price to all people, due to the ideology that allows all of our guests to enjoy the perfect, relaxing and joyful vacation.


The Be’er Pub

A pub in the wild west style, all built from wood, the bar serves dozens of kinds of beers from all over the world. The pub also serves as an “open stage” for live shows of different performers, from those who are in the beginning of their career, to the greatest performers. The shows are by a variety of artists; Jazz players from around the world, rock bands, blues reggae, and performances by the greatest artists in the Israeli music scene, and more…
The Be’er pub is here since 1997. The place was, and still is, a loving home as well as a space for creation for many artists, among them: Shabak Samech, The Dag-Nachash, Balkan-Beat-Box any many more who come here to work on their next album or a new concert. The pub serves Ginger food next to fine alcohol.


The synagogue

The community of Ze’elim provides the hotel’s guests a synagogue equipped with a Sephardic Torah, prayers and cycles.


Barbeque facilities

among the guests’ complex, the hotel provides to its guests a barbeque stand for personal use. In every stand there is a charcoal grill (we bring the grill, you bring the charcoal), dining table, light and garbage cans