Erettz An Israeli Hotel chain

Erettz is a unique hotel chain located in the kibbutzim of Israel. The hotels of the chain spread from the Negev to the Upper Galilee:

Erettz hotels relays on; Excellency , Decency, Reliability and with a set of values combined with a unique experience of hospitality which integrates between the familiar comfortability of hotels, the peace and quiet of the suburbs, that resides within a rooted and quality community.

In each of the hotels you may enjoy a warm hospitability out of the care for a person whomever he may be. A variety of hospitability experiences are at your disposal in special prices for the hotels’ guests.
Peace and quiet

All you have to do is to decide on the nature of your vacation.
We thank you for choosing us, and we are aware of the various opportunities of hospitability lay before you, and wishing you a pleasant stay.