Erettz Dafna

The Hotel

In the upper galilee, amongst the brooks of stream Dan, in a pastoral settings only nature can create, resides Erettz Dafna hotel in kibbutz Dafna. A galilee scenery and clear air, with endless spaces and to flowing stream not far from your room. The hotel has 50 accommodation in three divisions. You may choose from Earth, heaven and heaven boutique rooms.

Upon your entrance to the hotel’s rooms you will sense the serene ambiance, the easiness and the uniqueness that invite you to lay your head, to relax from the everyday nuisances. In the height of its power, nature serves as a rare primeval settings. Dan River flows through the trees that exist for decades. Many hammocks spread at the hospitability complex. Barbecue areas for the Parisians among you. The hotel’s large spaces allow your children to run around freely and safely to play and enjoy the various facilities of the hotel.
And all of this in a two hours’ drive from Tel-Aviv in the heart of the region on water streams. Where the Hasbani and Dan rivers are at your foot, the shoulder of mount Hermon, the Golan and Lebanon’s mountains are in front of you, between the green grass the lovely Dan River flows to the kibuutz’s length and brings a magical and relaxing atmosphere to the vacationers, now you only left to choose to where you travel and when.

Hotel Erettz Dafna; a unique experience of family vacation
For your entertainment there are; a beautiful swimming pool, an amusement park, Sports fields, the mythological dining room where guests have their meals, barbeque positions, a promenade along the Dan River, Shulman’s chocolate museum, and the “cuckoo” coffee shop.
As p Erettz art of Erettz hotels hospitality concept, the meals that are served in the hotel’s restaurant are based on fresh, unique and original menu based on the region’s product, dairies, wineries, farms of unique herbs that provide a quality culinary experience.

Free Wi-Fi is at your disposal in the hotel’s lobby.

Attractions, nature sites, concept and extreme activities the galilee offers, are all in a short drive distance. And these options are just a small taste.
Tel Dan, Ussishkin Museum, Banias Reserve and the hanging bridge, Hasbani reserve – Snir stream, Saar waterfall and Ram pool, Tel Grove Park, River Reserve Ayon (the oven), Nimrod Fortress, Mount Hermon, Hula Nature Reserve and Hula lake. Shulman’s chocolate museum, Jordan canoeing, ice skating at the Canada Centre in Metulla, ATV rentals and Tomcars in Yuval village, paintball battles in the Goshrim complex, the deers forest in Odem, the fisherman farm in the fishing park of the kibbutz and many others. The hotel staff will advise, assist and order appropriate activities for you.

Throughout the year, unique and fun concept weekends operate in the Terra rosa hotel. Weekends with winemakers where a great emphasis is on the regional wines, dairies and cheese. Some of them have become invaluable assets in the finest delicatessens
Country. Gastronomic weekends with a leading chef. Weekends of culture with writers
And storytellers. Weekends for photography enthusiasts. Weekends related to music. Weekends of blossoms tours. Cleansing workshops. And juices fasting and cleansing workshops.

Erettz Dafna Rooms

מלון ארץ דפנה


A studio space for hosting couples and families. It is designed according to the unique design concept of the hotel as a whole, while keeping the guests’ convenience, LCD TV, a mini refrigerator and a coffee set. There are ever-green lawns and flowers in the complex. as well as Barbecue areas.

מלון ארץ דפנה


A loft for hosting couples and families, designed according to the unique design concept of the hotel as a whole, while keeping the guests’ convenience. Each loft has a bedroom and a living room, the rooms were meant to host 4 people. In each room there are 2 Sofa beds, LCD TV, decorative shower, a … Continue reading “Earth”

מלון ארץ דפנה


A studio meant for hosting couple and families. . It is designed according to the unique design concept of the hotel as a whole, while keeping the guests’ convenience. Each studio has a bedroom and a living room. The rooms were designed for 4 people. The studio contains; two sofa beds, LCD TV, a decorative … Continue reading “Water”

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