A weekend of stories

Dvir Suramello
The grandson of the great Suramello, the Jerusalemite greatest storyteller. His stories are interwoven in the being and alleys of Jerusalem. Seasoned with wit and humor endless charm that only real Jerusalemites have it. A fascinating show that intertwine the Nachlaot neighborhood, Jerusalem stories from past and present, Tish stories, Jerusalem liturgical saturated with soulful atmosphere.
A weekend of Israeli singing

Juice fasting
Dr. Gabriel Cousens MD , and American Jewish man, 70 years old, a psychiatrist and natural nutrition expert, qualified in Ayurveda. Homeopathy and Family Counseling, engages in research for more than 30 years and the heads of the Foundation Center of The Tree of Life, that its purpose is to instill the same capabilities to the general public through optimal nutrition that will bring longevity parallel to spiritual development. Juice fasting gives an opportunity to experience a real step up in life quality. A reset for body, mind and soul.
The Barret workshop of The Tree of Life, a product of more than 26 years of experience with thousands of participants worldwide- juice fasting is the ultimate vacation that combines leisure activities, music and nature, self-development opportunity to experience a leap forward in quality of life. The great workshop of its kind in Europe, is held twice a year with 80-100 participants in fasting. Fasting is usually perceives as a total avoiding of food and water, however, in a broader sense, fasting means to avoid from toxic agents for the mind, body and spirit. Another way to understand it is that a fast is actually a process to release the physical, mental and emotional toxics from the body, more than a reduction or cessation of eating. It is about the most ancient mean for healing that is known to men, and it is used a therapeutic mean for a variety of medical conditions. We live in a world full with toxics. We expose every day to dangerous chemicals everywhere. Most of our food contain pesticides preservatives and additives harmful to the body. Moreover, the water and the air around us are mostly polluted as well. An uncontrolled use of medicines, and products such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and other drugs bring the body into a state of intoxication. Other habits, in the emotional and psychological aspect, also has a negative effect on us. In addition, our saturated world of stimuli and tasks is too difficult for us. All this causes overload on our body – the result is an accumulation of toxins in our bodies, a decline in our bodily function and diseases. Juice fasting allows the body to return to a state of equilibrium, plus, it increases vitality of the different physical and mental systems. By releasing toxins we are not only become healthier, but also release blocks from our body thus increase the overall movement of energy, happiness and vitality. The process is for nine days, and includes a fast of 7 days, a day of uncooked food before fasting, and a day for adapting to healthy food by the end of the fast. One of the qualities that is special to the fasting program of The Tree of Life is the fact it is based on a spiritual frame. Everyday many possibilities are suggested to expand the journey of self-discovery and broadening awareness. In this aspect, there is a significant difference between fasting and a spiritual fasting – a spiritual fasting begins with spiritual intent and ends with a deeper experience of our real selves. Participants find that a significant aspect of the cleansing process.

What is in the program?
Live music and singing, meditation, natural healing, nature trips, tri-yoga, tai-chi, dancing, Kundalini apprenticeships, conversations for self-development, guidance for a complete lifestyle, medical supervision with Dr. Kasnes, unique body cleansing from toxins, organic juices, empowering experience.