Weekend of stories, characters and myths

Sarah Angel
Angel or devil? She was charged with double murder, she was suspected as Leader of Gang crime, she was the wife of Shemaiah Angel.
Sarah Angel in a charming personal story, funny and painful to tears. Sarah became a writer and wrote five best-selling and talking about lectures
And recently published sixth book "Crazy Moon".

Guy Peleg
The legal correspondent of Channel 2 . Guy for years accompanied the struggle
In the largest crime organizations in Israel. Guy has direct contact with the heads of criminal organizations. Over the years faction met and interviewed senior criminals, some of whom were killed after the interviews (Yahya Hariri, Felix Abutbul, Alex Dobitzki). Guy exposes us to the best stories and the dark sides of the crime and the police work.
Peleg combines lectures fascinating chapters written work area of criminal, legends, famous crime, daring assassinations, robberies stunning, sophisticated investigative exercises, intense smells and more ..